Nada Drndarević, M.Sc.Arch.Eng.

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Licensed real estate valuer

Architecture & Construction  Expert  Witness Services / Licensed Engineer

An architect with over 35 years of engineering experience gained through work in the teams of large construction companies GP Napred and Energoprojekt on significant projects in the country and abroad.

  • Architecture & Construction  Expert  Witness, No. 740-05-03329/2010-03at the Ministry of Justice.
  • REV certified (Recognised European Valuer), an international professional certificate for real estate appraisers with a number REV-RS/NAVS/2022/6 valid from 01.06.2017. to 31.05.2022., issued by TEGoVA and  National Association of Valuers of Serbia – NAVS.
  • Licensed valuer for real estate appraisal, licence  Reg. No. 063 issued by the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Serbia on December 20, 2017.

Property valuation – Fast and professional!

What are the criteria for the assessment of real estate?

  • Size: The greater the area of the real estate, it will be more expensive.
  • Location: The attractiveness of real estate is assessed by evaluating the environment in terms of elements that affect the quality of life: transportation, schools, parks or proximity to shops for supply, etc.
  • Functional organization: The way space is organized has a big impact on potential customers as it affects the possibilities of using real estate.
  • A number of rooms: Depending on the size of the real estate, the number of rooms will be important for potential plans.
  • General condition: Is the real estate in good condition? Is it necessary to renovate?
  • Construction works: Has the real estate been renovated in the previous period and how?
  • The renovations made can increase the value of the real estate. Poor renovation can also reduce the value of real estate.
  • Current market situation: The same property can be sold or purchased by significantly different prices depending on the current market situation. It is very important that this is taken into account.